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Royal-Stone Calendar 2018. Contest Rules & Regulations

Theme no 12 – China. Work submission deadline – 16.10.2017 (until 10.00)

Theme no 11 – Australia. Work submission deadline – 09.10.2017 (until 10.00)

Theme no 10 – Mexico. Work submission deadline – 11.09.2017 (until 10.00)

Theme no 9 – Kenya. Work submission deadline – 21.08.2017 (until 10.00)

Theme no 8 – Spain. Work submission deadline – 24.07.2017 (until 10.00)

Theme no 7 – Morocco. Work submission deadline – 03.07.2017 (until 10.00)

Theme no 6 – Russia. Work submission deadline – 26.06.2017 (until 10.00)

Theme no 5 – USA. Work submission deadline – 29.05.2017 (until 10.00)

Theme no 4 – India. Work submission deadline – 22.05.2017 (until 10.00)

Theme no 3 – Poland. Work submission deadline – 24.04.2017 (until 10.00)

Theme no 2 – Holland. Work submission deadline – 10.04.2017 (until 10.00)

Theme no 1 – Japan. Work submission deadline – 06.03.2017 (until 10.00)

Royal-Stone Calendar 2018. Contest Rules & Regulations

§ 1. General resolutions

1. The “Royal-Stone Calendar 2018” contest, hereafter referred to as “the Contest”, is organized by the Marek Górski company based on 3 Mala Street, Blizne Łaszczyńskiego, 05-082, Poland, NIP (VAT ID): 592-179-68-29
2. The aim of the Contest is to promote the Royal Stone brand and the Creators participating in the Contest, as well as the publication of the 2018 Royal-Stone Calendar, which will contain the winning works’ photographs.
3. The Contest takes place from 10 February, 2017 to 7 November, 2017.

§ 2. The Contestants

1. Every person of age, who submits a hand-made piece of JEWELRY inspired by the provided photographs and/or themes may participate in the contest. Such a person is hereafter referred to as “the Contestant”.
2. Employees of the Organizer, along with their closest relatives, cannot participate in the Contest.
3. Underage Contestants can participate only if written consent of a legal guardian is attached.

§ 3. Terms of participation

In order to participate it is required to:
1. Become acquainted with and agree to the Rules & Regulations.
2. Personally create a piece of jewelry inspired by the inspirational themes published by the Organizer on the website and on the Facebook fanpage:
3. Entries must be made SPECIFICALLY for the Contest. Entries cannot be published before entering the Contest nor before the official publication of the CONTEST ALBUM by the Organizer.
4. The Contest consists of 12 sub-contests. The Contestant may participate in any number of the sub-contests. Participation in all 12 sub-contests is not mandatory.
5. The Contestant may submit up to 3 entries for each inspirational theme (one sub-contest). If the Contestant submits more than 3 entries for any theme, only 3 of them will be accepted. The Organizer reserves the right to choose the 3 entries themselves in case the Contestant fails to do so. Each Contestant may submit the minimum of 1 entry and the maximum of 36 entries (up to 3 entries for each of the 12 sub-contests).
6. Contest entries requirements are regulated by the § 4 of the Rules & Regulations.
7. The Contest entries must be relevant to the inspirational themes. If an entry is not relevant to the theme, the Organizer reserves the right to reject it. The final decision regarding the relevance is made the Organizer.
8. The Contest entries cannot offend other people or undermine good taste. In case of any doubt regarding the entry the decision of accepting the entry is made solely by the Organizer.
9. The Organizer allows freedom of technique.

§ 4. Contest Entry Specification

1. The work submitted to the Contest must be a piece of JEWELRY intended for HUMANS (women, men, children). The work may be classical jewelry, such as a necklace, a pendant, a brooch, a ring or earrings or it may be an ADOREMENT (made from scratch or as an accessory for shoes, a belt, headwear, clothes etc – with a specific information stating which element of the whole is hand-made by the Contestant and which element was provided by a different source).
Accessories intended for animals, dolls and other objects, as well as interior decorations, cannot be submitted to the Contest.
2. Submitted work may consist of a piece of jewelry (e.g. a pair of earrings) or a SET no larger than two elements (e.g. a pair of earrings with a bracelet). The contents of a set might be freely chosen by the Contestant.

§ 5. Entering the Contest and Submission Schedule

1. Contest entries might only be submitted during the term specified by the Organizer. Post-deadline entries will not be considered.
2. The schedule of the Contest’s inspirational theme publication and the deadlines for submitting the works are as follows:

Inspiration Inspiration publication date Work submission deadline Album publication date Results publication
Theme no 1 – „JAPAN” 10.02.2017 06.03.2017 (until 10.00) 10.03.2017 24.03.2017
Theme no 2 – “HOLLAND” 13.03.2017 10.04.2017 (until 10.00) 14.04.2017 28.04.2017
Theme no 3 – “POLAND” 16.03.2017 24.04.2017 (until 10.00) 03.05.2017 12.05.2017
Theme no 4 – “INDIA” 24.04.2017 22.05.2017 (until 10.00) 26.05.2017 07.06.2017
Theme no 5 – “USA” 27.04.2017 29.05.2017 (until 10.00) 02.06.2017 16.06.2017
Theme no 6 – “RUSSIA” 29.05.2017 26.06.2017 (until 10.00) 30.06.2017 14.07.2017
Theme no 7 – “MOROCCO” 31.05.2017 03.07.2017 (until 10.00) 07.07.2017 21.07.2017
Theme no 8 – “SPAIN” 23.06.2017 24.07.2017 (until 10.00) 28.07.2017 11.08.2017
Theme no 9 – “KENYA” 26.07.2017 21.08.2017 (until 10.00) 25.08.2017 08.09.2017
Theme no 10 – “MEXICO” 02.08.2017 11.09.2017 (until 10.00) 15.09.2017 29.09.2017
Theme no 11 – “AUSTRALIA” 01.09.2017 09.10.2017 (until 10.00) 13.10.2017 27.10.2017
Theme no 12 – “CHINA” 18.09.2017 16.10.2017 (until 10.00) 20.10.2017 03.11.2017

3. The entries might only be submitted to the e-mail address:
4. The entries should consist of:
a) in the e-mail’s topic: the Name and Surname of the Contestant and the title of the inspirational theme, e.g.: Anna_Kowalska_Japan
b) in the e-mail’s content:
the Contestant’s declaration that can be found at the bottom of the Rules & Regulations, including the Contestant’s consent to keeping and processing his personally identifiable information by the Organizer and his Partners, along with the additional data:
• a description identifying the work’s relevance to the Content’s theme
• a statement of what piece of jewelry the work represents (e.g. a bracelet, a set consisting of earrings and a necklace, etc.)
• the technique in which the work was produced
• time devoted to creating the work
• the materials used for creating the work (a general description with no detailed specification)

c) In the e-mail’s attachment: a photograph of the work (the file should be named with the Contestant’s name, e.g. Anna_Kowalska). Not naming the file might result in losing the entry and not publishing it in the Contest’s album.
PLEASE NOTE: In case you want to enter the Contest with more than one work (the maximum is 3 works), you need to send each work as a separate entry. In such a case t is advised to name the files adequately, e.g. Anna_Kowalska1.
5. The work and the photograph submitted by the Contestant should in no way violate the Copyright and Related Rights Act of February 4, 1994 (Journal of Laws of 1997 no 24, item 83) .
In case of an inspiration taken from another work it is required to inform the Organizer about the source of inspiration or provide the name/author of the used tutorial.
6. By entering the Contest, the Participants consent to the Organizer’s (and his Partners’) unlimited and free usage of the photographs’ copyright, allowing the Organizer to publish them in any printed or electronic media related the Contest, including hand-made related publications.
7. By entering the Contest, the Contestant grants consent to for the Organizer to edit the photographs in order to optimize them for a given graphic project.

§ 6. Photograph Requirements

1. The submitted photographs should be of best possible quality. The background should be plain (white is advised) and the photograph should depict the work in a way allowing its correct evaluation by the Jury. It is permitted for the background to include other complement elements, which should not affect the clarity of the work’s depiction. The photo cannot be taken on a model and must contain the whole piece of jewelry.
Expected photograph parameters: min. 2000×2000 pixels (square cropping recommended and expected), 72 DPI, good photo sharpness, no overexposures and no excess graphic editing, which would reduce the photograph’s quality and clarity.
2. After the results for each part of the Contest are published, the Contestants whose works have been awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are obliged to contact the Organizer in order to determine whether the provided photo is of sufficient quality for typesetting and printing of the 2018 Royal Stone Calendar. For this reason, it is recommended that the Contestants keep the submitted piece of jewelry until the results of each sub-contest they have entered are published, in case additional photographs of the work need to be taken.

3. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse the publication of the Contents’ Winner’s entry (1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners) in the 2018 Royal-Stone Calendar if the quality of the submitted photograph is insufficient for print, or the shot or staging / background colors do not comply with the Organizers’ intended Calendar design.

§ 7. Winner Selection Method

1. Winners will be selected by the Jury chosen by the Organizer. The Jury will evaluate the quality of a work, its artistic valors, creativity and the way the work relates to the Contest’s theme. The results will be published on Royal Stone’s Facebook fanpage ( and possibly on the Organizer’s and his Partners’ other websites.
2. For the sake of fulfilling one of the Contests’ aims – the publication of the 2018 jewelry calendar – each Contestant may only once in the Contests’ duration be awarded 1st place, as the photograph of the awarded work will be published on one of the Royal Stone 2018 Calendar’s pages.
3. The Contest’s results will each time be announced on the Facebook fanpage ( and the company’s blog at

§ 8. Awards

1. Following awards are provided in each of the sub-contests:
1st place – the publication of the entry in the Royal Stone 2018 Calendar (as the main photograph on the month’s page); a 350,- PLN Royal-Stone shops voucher; the VIP 18% discount card
Total number of 1st place awards: 12
2nd place – the publication of the entry in the Royal Stone 2018 Calendar (small photograph); a 100,- PLN Royal-Stone shops voucher; the VIP 18% discount card
Total number of 2nd place awards: 12
3rd place – the publication of the entry in the Royal Stone 2018 Calendar (small photograph); a 50,- PLN Royal-Stone shops voucher; the VIP 18% discount card
Total number of 2nd place awards: 12
The Audience Award – a 30,- PLN Royal-Stone shops voucher
(awarded to the work which gets the most Likes for its photograph published in the Contests’ Facebook album)
Total number of Audience Awards: 12

Additionally, among the Contestants who take part in ALL OF THE 12 SUB-CONTESTS and who do not win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, the Organizer will choose one Artist to receive a SPECIAL SURPRISE AWARD.

2. The Jury may award additional honorable mentions in each of the Contest’s themes, as well as announce a tie between two or more works.
3. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and will be sent by e-mail within the period of 14 days from the date the results are announced.

§ 9. Copyright Protection

Bearing in mind respect for intellectual property and the promotion of persons for whom creating jewelry is a passion, the Organizer introduces the following terms of action in case a work bears traits of plagiarism:
1. Using his knowledge and commonly accessible means, the Organizer verifies all the entries in terms of copyright violation.
2. In case of any doubts in the area the Participant might be asked to attest for the entry’s authenticity, e.g. by providing photographs taken during the process of creation.
3. Any Participant or any other person suspecting that any of the entries might be plagiarized is obliged to provide the Organizer with the source of the violated copyright and the jewelry or its design that is the object of the violated intellectual property.
4. In case the copyright violation is obvious, the Participant refuses to prove his copyright or the arguments he uses are insufficient, the Organizer is at any stage entitled to eliminate the entry from the Contest

§ 10. Additional Acknowledgments

1. The Organizer reserves the right not to accept or to eliminate from the Contest works which:
a) are depicted on low-quality photographs, which according to the Organizer are insufficient for aesthetic contest presentation or make it impossible for the Jury to asses the presented work.

b) have, according to the Organizer, little artistic value;
c) are not in accordance to the Contest’s rules (do not relate to the theme, do not follow the Organizer’s guidelines or if it remains unclear to the Organizer how the work relates to the provided inspirational theme);
d) are sent after the deadlines.
2. The Rules & Regulations are available on the Royal-Stone website
3. The Organizer reserves the right to change the rules anytime during the Contest. The changes will also be announced on the website.
4. In terms not mentioned by the Rules & Regulations, the Civil Code and the Copyright and Related Rights Act of February 4, 1994 are applied.
The declaration to be sent along with an entry

1. I have acquainted myself with the Rules & Regulations of the Royal-Stone 2018 Calendar Contest and accepted it entirely.
2. I declare that I am of age.
3. I hereby agree to the processing of my personally identifiable information by the Organizer ( Marek Górski) and his Partners for the purposes necessary for holding the Royal-Stone 2018 Calendar Contest in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 1182).
4. I declare that my Contest entry (jewelry) has been created personally by me and does not violate any copyright.
5. I declare that the submitted work has been created by me for the purpose of the Royal-Stone 2018 Calendar Contest, is based on the inspirational theme published by the Organizer and has not been previously published.
6. I declare that the photograph I hereby submit does not violate any copyright.
7. The entry relates to the inspirational theme by: ….........
8. The entry is a (specify the type of jewelry – bracelet, set consisting of earrings and necklace, etc.) ….........
9. The entry has been created using the technique of:….........
10. Creating the work took: (specify the number of hours spent on the project)….........
11. The following materials have been used to create the work: ….........
Optional declaration for entries created on the basis of tutorials (if applicable):
I declare that the Contest entry has been created basing on the tutorial …...... (Title) …..... (Author). - wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone.

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